Welcome to my website.

I am an Auckland based Photographer and have been working Professionally in New Zealand for over 20yrs. Please Browse through my Galleries. Click on on the next image or use your arrow bar to scroll along images. Page might take a few seconds to load.

Work faces.
These images are a collection of my corporate and design based work. Portraits, Still lifes, and associated imagery that are used in Corporate reviews, brochures, and for website branding. Working for  diverse collection of clients from financial institutions, Law and accounting, and large utility services with a commitment to represent through imagery each of their needs.

Beautiful Faces.
These images are a collection of Beauty, fashion, editorial, and travel images. With vast experience of shooting for numerous publications and their specific needs that published work require and enjoy the process of pulling a story together visually and giving them flow, a feel for narrative continuity, and of course - Life.

These images are a collection, of places and spaces. We are blessed with some of the most beautiful landscape here in New Zealand and I am always driven to capture the beauty, drama and soul in images. This commitment is the same wherever, whatever, and whoever I Photograph, and I have been lucky to shoot all over the world. 

Loved faces.
These images are some of the many Portraits I have taken of Loved New Zealanders as well as those from the world over.

Please enjoy the works.
With this new website the Blog page is a great addition. Use it to see in greater depth some of my assignments, and to see what I am up to currently. I love feedback so would love you to use this page to give me your thoughts. I have put in some assignments from the last year to kick things off. Of course I can't put as much detail and images up as I would love to, so use my contact page to email me, or use the link button to my linked in page to find out even my about Andrew Coffey photographer.